Brushing With Chocolate Toothpaste

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Finally, a toothpaste made for your sweet tooth! Luxury oral care company, Theodent, replaces fluoride with an extract from the cacao plant which gives this toothpaste its pudding-flavored taste. Deriving their ingredients from a natural substance makes this toothpaste safe to swallow, as well as delicious!

While most toothpaste and dental care products have included fluoride in them for years, Theodent uses only natural alternatives such as calcium, phosphate and theobromine. The company also advertises that while made of natural ingredients, your teeth will not suffer. Instead, the paste may actually build up your enamel, making your whites even stronger.

However, this sweet paste will cost you a pretty penny. While the website advertises a “classic” paste for $10, if you are looking to order online you have to upgrade to their “Theodent 300”, which has extra high doses of rennou, costing you $99.99 a tube. The company promises a rich, creamy cocoa flavor similar to pudding.

For a traditional paste user, this idea seems pretty far out there. However, US dental giant Crest has recently launched their “Be” line which features 3 flavors; mint chocolate trek, vanilla mint spark and lime spearmint zest. The company said it released these flavors as a response to feedback from their customers who said they found current paste flavors “boring”.

Although I can’t imagine waking up with a mouthful of pudding, I must say I am intrigued! Theodent chocolate toothpaste is available online and in select Whole Foods for the adventurous brusher.